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PokeSprites - Pokemon sprites made by the fans
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The R/B/Y starters fused into one. I like, I like.

A smeargle/shuckle. This one worked surprisingly well.

And finally, the G/S/C starters into one. This one's even better than the R/B/Y one I reckon.

An Ice-Golem-King thing. Doesn't quite look pokemony but it's well made.

Evolution of Electrode, Recifer. Why he called it that, I do not know.

Evolution of Gengar. A scary little bugger this is.

An egg with an eye... Stranger stuff has happened.

The egg grew wings and duck feet :(

It hatched! :o Doesn't have that same pokemon-y type feel does it? Kind of like the Golem.


The R/S/E starters fused to form a hairy chested sea-monster wearing flares and a floatie. Works for me.

A better looking recolour of the one above.

All sprites here made by Pheonix_Lord.

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