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PokeSprites - Pokemon sprites made by the fans
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An ice version of Celebi. All this guy's work is very professional.

A fire version of celebi. Damn, this stuff is good o.O

I believe this was Mewthree. Unoriginal, I'll admit that but who cares, it rocks!

Shiny version of Mewthree if I'm not mistaken.

Some sort of scary crab guy. Wouldn't wanna meet with him in a carpark :(.

This seems to be some sort of rock monster thing. Who cares? It's awesome! :D

Aerodactyl, Crobat fusion. Works well.

The other end of the Crobat, Aerodactyl fusion.

Super Scyther? :o

Shiny super scyther. That's almost annoying to say out loud.

Groudon + Wailord? Looks like it could do some serious damage. I think ima run away now.

Raichu + Lanturn I believe, pretty cool.

All sprites here made by Zerox.

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