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PokeSprites - Pokemon sprites made by the fans
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I think all this guy's sprite's are custom. This one is pretty cool.

Hooray, a custom squritle :)

Hooray x2, a wortortle :D

This reminds me of croconaw. It's awesome though.

I'm assuming this is the evolved form of that other one.

A scary Shiftry :(

I think this is one of them new pokemon. Manafi.

A custom Wailmer.

I absolutely love this one. It's some seel thing.

A sprite based off the new pokemon, Rukario.

A Charizard/Tyranitar mix. Awesome :D

I... I just don't know. Looks like a dancing witch or something :p

Scyther + Mewtwo. Works well, like some sort of superbug! :o

Magmar + Mewtwo. It's like an upgraded version of Magmar.

Silver decided to try Manafi again, with a different approach on it's look. More emphasis on the head and a tiny body.

The new pokemon, Manene. Baby Mr Mime I think.

I believe this one is called Manyula. Sneasel's evolution in the future generations.

Bonsly, baby Sudowoodo.

All sprites here made by Silver.

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