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Rayquaza: Lord of Dragons
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A deoxys + a blender = this. Poor thing

A shadow mew. What's with all these baby-eating sprites? :(

An Espeon, Umbreon and new paintjob made this little baby. Not bad.

A crazy typhlosion out to kill, I always get the crazy ones... :(


This is only a recolour and I normally don't put recolours up, but this looks awesome so I put it up anyway.

R.L.O.D.'s best one by a mile. It's simply awesome.

Deoxys, Raichu and Bulbasaur all went into this. I love the pod legs :P

Custom sprite made by scratch, it's a little dragon-worm thing I think.

This isn't the best but I love the legs. Woop for the glass legs.

I think this is an evolution of the green worm thing. This is scary :(

Damn, these things get scarier. It's an evil typhlosion (and it wants you).

Phew, thats better. An adorable dratini/mew.

Personally, I believe this sprite is a bit cluttered but it's well made none-the-less.

All sprites here made by Rayquaza: Lord of Dragons.

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