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PokeSprites - Pokemon sprites made by the fans
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A man eating plant and a cat... An interesting mix, cool none-the-less.

Heres a Ninetails + Milotic. It works well, like a shaggy dog or something.

A flying machamp. Isn't done extremly well but originality is more important in my books.

I love this one, makes me smile every time i see it :P

I have to say... Peito has to be the most original spriter here. And if you can't see why then you're and ugly old man who smells of pee...

Electrode + Sceptile. Not bad.

The lapras beetle, isn't this just adorable?

A cute Eevee/Machop mix. I love it.

What I can only describe as coral with eyes. I like...

This thing reminds me of that lobster guy in Futurama :p

Theres someone in Quagsires mouth! :o

Aww yeah, disco Polytoad.

And finaly, a simple Polytoad + Tyranitar. An odd mix to say the least.

Armaldo + Aggron. That's a scary mother-fucker.

All sprites here made by Peito.

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